Workflow Widget

The Workflow Widget can be added to any Proto. On Cards belonging to this Proto a user-defined workflow consisting of one or many tasks will then be displayed.


A Workflow groups together one or many Workflow Tasks. To create a new Workflow or to see a list of existing Workflows go to “Workflows” in the “Design” section of the main menu.

There is a one-to-one relationship between a Workflow Widget and a Workflow. By assigning a Workflow to a Workflow Widget the choosen Workflow will be displayed on every card of the respective Proto.

A Workflow consists of one or many Workflow Tasks.

Workflow Task

Each Workflow Task belongs to one Workflow. A Workflow can be of two types: Manual and Agent. Currently only Manual is supported.

A Workflow Task of type Manual is a task involving human interaction. It can have a name, some help text (to give instructions on the task) and a responsible person. The responsible person is automatically notified when the task becomes active.

The execution order of these Workflow Tasks is defined by the order in which they are listed. Workflow Tasks can be reordered via drag and drop.

Working With Workflows

A Workflow represents a series of Workflow Tasks which are executed one after the other. Only one Workflow Task is active at any given time.

Only the user who is listed as the responsible person can edit a Workflow Task. The responsible user can either accept or reject the task.

After the responsible person accepts his assigned task the other users can see that the task has been accepted. Once finished with the task the responsible person confirms the completion and the system notifies the person responsible for the next task.

When a Workflow Task is rejected a new instance of the previous active Workflow Task is created. The responsible user for that task is notified. When the issue has been resolved the next Workflow Task becomes active again.