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A Tableview is basically a list of all Cards of a special Proto. Essential elements in organising data in a tabular manner. :sunglasses:

Styling Cells of a TableView

Since Protogrid is based on web technologies you can use common HTML tags to influence how cells are presented to users. Just insert suitable HTML tags into the text of your fields/columns. You can do this either manually or by using a ScriptLibraries.


<a href="www.google.com">Link into the world wide web</a>
<b>This entry is important!</b>
<small>You don't really have to read this text ;-)</small>
<font color="red">Urgent!</font>

Hide Certain Columns

It's also possible to hide certain fields you don't want to appear as a column in TableViews: Just open the field definition and set its “Display Priority” to 0. This will lead to the field being hidden in TableViews, automatic titles and short names. However, the field itself will still be displayed on Data Cards. If you also want to hide the field on Data Cards, simply take a ScriptLibrary.

Hide Certain List Entries By Using a Filter

It's also possible to hide certain Cards in the list of all Cards. For preparation you have to define a filter. By choosing one of the filter options the related Cards will be displayed.

Reload Table View Without Page Refresh

The following code example shows how a table view can be reloaded programatically without a full page refresh.


Filtering TableViews

There are several ways to filter the rows displayed in a TableView. Please see Filter for more details.

Search Dialog Boxes

Any number of dedicated Search Dialog Boxes (aka search masks) can be configured for a TableView. Please note that depending on the number of affected Cards, it may take several minutes before a newly created or modified search dialog box can be used by the users.