Start App

Start Apps are rolled out with every new environment and give you an idea of the possibilities of Protogrid. You can develop them further if you like to. We provide you with a short introduction of these Apps here.

Checklist to use one of the Start Apps in your Organisation

If yo want to use these Start Applications and make them accessible for your co-workers, you can follow the checklist below:

  • Choose a Start Application, which matches your requirements and ideally only needs a few changes.
  • Make the necessary changes.
  • Adjust the role assignments: necessary step outlined in in chapter 5 in order to make the Start Applications visible for other users of your group/organisation.
  • Register appr. 10 test users, using the application “Environment Users” and assign them the role you specified for the application.
  • Inform the test users: Give them the link to the application, the password you chose for them and make them aware to change the password soon. Ask them to use the application as often as possible and to provide you with feedback on possible functional improvements.
  • Optimize your application based on the feedbacks you get. Conduct surveys in order to push ahead with the development of your application.
  • If you are happy with your application, you can make it accessible for all intended future users. Register them as users or change their roles, in order to give them the access you want them to have.
  • If you need any assistance during the development, have a look at or the Protogrid blog. On request, we offer you further assistance for the development and launching of your application.

Overview over the Start Apps


The application “Documents” stores documents and files of various types. It has a Proto called “Document”, which defines that Documents have a category. The Proto “Subdocument” defines documents, which related to another document. For example we have the document “Building description” belonging to the category “Building Information” with a subdocument for the “Head Office”.

Projects, Persons, Activities and Documents

The application “Projects, Persons, Activities and Documents” (PPAD) can be used to store projects, persons, tasks, documents and more, and link those items. It allows a quick overview on open tasks, including corresponding people, organisations, and documents.

Action Items

The application “Action Items” stores simple tasks. One can provide a description of the task, a date, a responsible person as well as a status. This simple application gives you a short overview on all open tasks.

IT Emergency

The application «IT Emergency» supports the Management on technical emergencies. Every extraordinary event can be solved and documented without any dependency on the concerned infrastructure. Since Protogrid is also available offline, this application can be especially useful during mail or internet blackouts.

Product Catalog

The application «Product Catalog» keeps track of all products you produce or sell. You can store all data you need for each product, and update it centrally from your office, so that your field staff has always access to the newest information of all your products.