Locally Hide UI Elements (aka "Demo Mode")

This article explains how to locally hide UI elements like notifications, TableView actions or Card menu entries.

You can use the Client Script Library helper functions “locally_hide_elements” and “locally_unhide_elements” to hide/unhide specific UI elements.

Please note: These settings apply only to the UI and must not be used for safety-related purposes.


To reduce distractions for less experienced users you could add the following code to the bottom of a newly created Client Script Library:

mod_csl_helpers().locally_hide_elements(["warning", "error"]);

Then create a Trigger which refers to the above prepared Client Script Library and place that Trigger somewhere on your Default Card. This ensures that your hide settings immediately take effect in the browser of every user opening your application.

List of Hideable UI Elements

Notification Bar
"message"            // (hides all blue notifications)
"warning"            // (hides all yellow notifications)
"error"              // (hides red notifications)
"support_chat"       // (hides the chat option at the bottom right)

Note: Hidden notifications can still be viewed by clicking on the small hamburger menu in the upper right corner of Protogrid.

Card Menu
"open_proto"            // Open Proto
"card_properties"       // Show Properties
"card_mutation_history" // Show Mutation History
"trash_single"          // Put to Trash
"to_menu"               // Put Selected Into Menu ...
TableView Actions Menu
"trash_multiple"     // Put Selected To Trash
"card_update"        // Update Selected