JSON API Documentation

The Protogrid API is designed for anyone who’s comfortable creating custom-coded solutions or integrating with RESTful APIs (usually developers or software engineers). If you think you may need some help integrating with the Protogrid API, ask our Protogrid experts by mail to help develop a custom tool for you. Please note that only documented API features are supported. REST is an architectural style for programming interfaces that leads to no intermediate state about each client on the server. In other words, each client needs to take care of its own session data, such as authentication handles. Please note the pricing information concerning the available data volume.

Structure of an http request

An http request consists of the following components:

  • Base address: the root URL of your Protogrid environment. Example: https://your-environment-name.protogrid.com
  • The API endpoint (follows directly after the base address to form the request URL). Example: /api/v2/apps
  • A HTTP Header field containing the cookie. Details: see Authentication
  • Either GET or POST as the http method.