In a proto, we can define not only fields, but also widgets. The purpose of these widgets is to increase user readability.

Currently, there are two widgets available:

Blank Canvas

The blank canvas widget will, as its name indicates, render a blank canvas. You can specify whether the width of the canvas should span one column or an entire row.


Adding a section widget to a proto will render all fields below this widget until the next section widget (or the end of the fields and widgets list) as a collapsible section. You can specify a section name, a color which will be finely rendered below the section name and whether the section should be rendered collapsed or expanded upon opening the card.

Section access

Additionally, you may restrict access to a section by requiring that users must have a certain [[protogrid:Role] to edit or to view the fields in this section. Note that this restriction is tightening the existing access rights, i.e. a user that is not allowed to see the card at all will not see the section fields even if he has the role needed to do so. Note also that hiding section field for users without a certain role is a readability feature and not a security feature. Users that are allowed to see the card can still access the data in a hidden section (e.g. through the browser console).