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-====== iOS ====== 
-A complete Xcode project for iOS rollout can be downloaded straight forward from your [[App|Protogrid App]] und be started on your iOS device. 
-===== Requirements ===== 
-  - You will need a Mac  with current a Xcode version. 
-  - Protogrid iOS client is compatible with iOS 8.1 and later running on iPhone and iPad (any screen size). 
-  - It is recommended to use the Protogrid iOS client with iPhone 5 / iPad 4 / iPad mini 2 (or later). 
-===== Basic Setup ===== 
-  - Download the latest Protogrid iOS client zipfile by going to your app in the web interface, opening `Import|Export` and clicking the `Rollout to iOS` button. 
-  - Open the Protogrid.xcodeproj file in your Xcode. 
-  - Set the following properties in 'General/PGridInfo.plist': Application Database ID, Protogrid Host, Bundle Identifier and Bundle display name. 
-  - Choose a Simulator as your build target and build & run the project (the 'play' button). 
-  - The initial replication of your application will begin. This will take about 1-2 minutes depending on your internet connection and will download all design data associated with your application into an initial database state. 
-  - Your app should now build & run both on device and simulator.  
-From here you can use any of Apple's provided rollout options (Enterprise rollout, Testflight internal testing, Testflight Beta testing, AppStore). Make sure to select the Release build scheme for the archive build you'd like to submit.