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JSON-API ViewListEndpoint sums_by_proto_and_design_element_and_condition

Sums over the values of a field for all Cards of a Proto given a condition from another field.

This endpoint requires four query key components:

  1. The Proto key
  2. The design element key for the field to sum over
  3. The design element key for the condition field
  4. The conditional value in the field specified in third component

Depending on the field type to sum over (see component 2 above) the endpoint returns:

  1. For number fields it produces the sum of values over the field.
  2. For text fields it produces the word count over all text entries.
  3. For relation fields it produces the number of stored relations.
  4. For date/time fields it produces the number of stored date/time values.
What is the sum over all values in the “Total” field in the Proto “Invoice”, given that the relation field “customer” holds the key for “John Smith”?